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Christian dating site Meetify

Meetify is a Christian dating site for chatting, making friends and starting a family. Our team has set itself the goal of creating a modern and secure service for those who need to communicate. We are not limited to one or a few countries and are available to believers from all over the world.

How to make new acquaintances with Christians?

  • Registration is required to use all Meetify tools. The personal data that each person indicates is necessary for security and maintaining order in the service. To minimize the possibility of creating a fake profile, the system provides verification of uploaded photos with a real picture of a person. You can rest assured that we do not pass this data on to third parties.
  • Our system automatically notifies users of new profile views, private messages, and likes so you don't miss anything important. A search with a variety of useful filters will allow you to specify important parameters and find Christians in your city, locality or in any country you are interested in.
  • Start getting to know the person you like, and later continue communication in real life. We recommend that you arrange a meeting with a new acquaintance or an acquaintance in a church or public place, where you will definitely be accompanied by your friends. Before revealing any information about yourself, be sure to think about the possible consequences.

Why do we need another dating site?

Christian dating sites are far from a new invention. Christians have tried many times to create a reference and popular resource that would combine the true values ​​of God and modern technology. Unfortunately, until today no one has been able to complete all these points.

We are very concerned about the sharply negative attitude of many Christian denominations towards the concept of "Christian dating sites." The technological development of the world and changes in it are not always something sinful and dangerous. There are many tools available in our lives that we can use for both good and evil. This principle applies to Christian online dating as well. Here, every believer should be guided by faith, wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, and not by sinful desires. For our part, we are trying to do everything possible so that our service is used for the benefit of believers, and not for sin.

Christian dating site Meetify is created by a team of developers who stand up for Christian ethics and traditional family values.

It is worth noting that the Internet offers a fairly wide range of popular services to expand the circle of communication. The problem is that these dating sites are not Christian. Most often, such resources are designed and used by people to find random "love" connections, and their creators have a worldview that is completely contrary to the Bible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christian dating service Meetify?

Meetify is a Christian dating site designed to connect, find friends, and start a family.

How to create a profile on a Christian dating site?

To get started, you should register on Meetify, fill out the questionnaire and upload a good photo.

How to meet someone on a Christian dating site?

Open the Search tab, set your filters and search. Visit the questionnaire you liked. Next, click the "I like" button or write a personal message to the user.